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Industry Leading Liquidation

Limited Partners will invest alongside the Phoenix Fund on a deal-by-deal basis and will be given the opportunity to liquidate to our investor pool, the fund, the company or outside parties at market after 3 years if the liquidation doesn’t hinder the company’s performance.

Incentive Alignment

The Phoenix Fund aims to have a significantly higher GP / LP mix (~3-5x industry average). We like to put “our money where our mouth is” and you will only see deals that we have diligenced prior to us discussing it with you. Our management fees will be charged only when the companies become or are profitable based on Earnings Before Taxes (EBT).

Investment Strategy: Grit

Our fund’s key investment strategy is to find founders across various industries with grit who haven’t had the right opportunities afforded to them. Members of the Phoenix Fund have been waiters, valets, come from single-parent / no-parent homes and paid their own way through college. We have all accomplished amazing things through our grit and we can see it from a mile away.

Financial Education

From the beginning, the Phoenix Fund aims to teach founders the importance of financial literacy, milestone accountability and to have a partner that doesn’t plan to exit until they feel comfortable with us parting ways. We only invest in companies that have a clear path to profitability within 1-2 years of our investment or are already profitable.

Unparalleled Transparency

Our fund utilizes the next generation of in-house dashboards and databases that show founders, investors and other involved parties their portfolio values in real time as financials come in monthly as well as pipeline activity. No more waiting for quarterly and annual updates that may or may not have key information.

Our Key Differentiators

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the new and improved version of private investing, where General Partners are intimately involved throughout the investment lifecycle and Limited Partners have the freedom to liquidate faster, only invest in specific deals of interest, and all parties have never before seen transparency.

About Us

Investment Strategy Consolidation

PGP is one of the first deal-by-deal only funds of its kind that invests across lifecycles with the goal of helping founders build businesses with trust, transparency, loyalty, and a clear plan to partner with them throughout the company’s lifecycle.





Enhanced Due Diligence

At PGP, we take a thorough and rigorous approach to due diligence when identifying potential investment opportunities. Our process includes both traditional market and company analysis, as well as proprietary methods that we have developed in-house to ensure informed investment decisons and minimize risks to our Limited Partners.

Investor Outreach

Once a potential opportunity has passed our own enhanced due diligence process, we create a detailed, opportunity-specific overview presentation. We then begin our outreach efforts with our investors where they can see all the required financial modeling, risk assessment, and deal structuring details for top quartile potential returns.

Acquisition and Growth

After finding the right investors, we execute the acquisition and begin working immediately with the company to achieve the milestones discussed prior to the investment. We make ourselves available throughout the process and investors will have transparency to the company’s progress through the advanced investor dashboard.

Exit and Grow

Unique to PGP, our investments can have potential liquidation events as soon as 3x industry average due to our investment strategy. Investors will be given the opportunity to liquidate to our investor pool, the fund, the company or outside parties at market. This assumes the liquidation does not impede the company’s growth and strategic roadmap.

Our Process

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